Adapting to meet your needs


We are adapting our processes to keep costs down and reduce our environmental impacts.

Our mission to provide you with a reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible supply of electricity is an ever-evolving job. For example, our investment in environmental control equipment at Cardinal Plant over the years has made our waste streams cleaner than ever. It also has allowed us to beneficially re-use the combustion byproducts from our coal-fired generation facilities in a variety of useful ways. We are adapting our processes to keep costs down and reduce our environmental impacts, saving money and providing useful materials to other industries — a real win-win. I hope you’ll read the article on page 4 of the November magazine to learn more.  

Meanwhile, lack of investment, onerous federal regulations, and global conflict continue to strain our energy industries. Supplies of natural gas, oil, coal, and other energy sources remain tight. These factors result in cost pressures on not only electricity generation, but all forms of energy that we need in our daily lives. 

Your electric cooperative continues to work to keep costs down, employ innovative ideas in work processes, and support policies that result in keeping a reliable supply of energy available to our homes and businesses.

As Thanksgiving approaches later this month, I want to thank you for your continued patronage of and support for your electric cooperative. We exist to have a positive impact on the communities we serve, but our strength comes from our unity of purpose and from your support for what we do.  

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.