Logan County Electric Cooperative

Linemen spell OHIO with their arms and surround a woman holding an Ohio State Buckeyes banner.

The night the lights went out in Georgia

Chuck Chafin has worked on electric lines with the South Central Power Company for 18 years, during which time he’s seen his share of power outages and general destruction both in Ohio, and beyond, caused by extremes in weather.

So while he wasn’t particularly surprised at the damage that he and 72 other lineworkers and supervisors from Ohio’s electric cooperative network found in Georgia in the wake of Hurricane Irma in early September, it still presented a big job.

Kathy Fleenor, a pediatric physical therapist from the early-intervention division of Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, helps Lucas walk on the infant treadmill for the first time.

Operation Round Up

Not-for-profit electric cooperatives have a responsibility not only to fulfill the needs of their consumer-members, but to help their neighbors in need. To that end, Operation Round Up was born.

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program in which more than 200 electric cooperatives across the country participate, including most Ohio electric cooperatives. The programs go by different names, but they all operate under the same premise: Small change makes a big impact in communities all across Ohio.