Co-op Spotlight: Union Rural Electric Cooperative

Just to the northwest of Columbus, Union Rural Electric Cooperative (URE), based in Marysville, is a not-for-profit electric and natural gas distribution cooperative serving over 10,000 consumer-members. Alongside the city of Marysville and Union County, URE has enjoyed prosperous growth over the last three decades. The communities served by URE have a proud agricultural heritage but celebrate the increased investments made in the advanced manufacturing, smart mobility, and research and development sectors in recent times.

URE safety demos

URE gives safety demos to youth and community groups throughout the year.

URE employees wearing pink shirts in support of breast cancer awareness

Diverse membership

Unlike the typical rural electric cooperative, URE boasts an impressive mix of residential, commercial, and industrial accounts. The mix includes automotive manufacturing facilities and several automotive suppliers, which are critically important to the economies of Union County and the state of Ohio. The cooperative serves a few K-12 school facilities and families with students enrolled in five school districts. Also included in the member mix are city and county government facilities, chain and locally owned restaurants, automobile dealerships, hotels, and various retail accounts, all of which contribute to the economic strength and diversity of the area.

Commitment to its community

Commitment to community is a top priority at URE. Each year the co-op sponsors various activities, such as youth sports, 4-H, farmers markets, and local fairs and festivals. All sponsorship efforts are designed to boost economic development and improve the quality of life in Union County. The future is bright in and around Union County, and URE is positioned to be there powering the way.