Co-op Spotlight: Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative

Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative is located in the west-central part of Ohio, between Columbus and Toledo. The territory features historical landmarks, fun attractions, and a service-oriented community. From funding service projects to educational programs and sponsoring local events, cooperative employees continually seek ways to contribute to the community they serve.

Wheeler Tavern

Wheeler Tavern is one of many historic locations in Mid-Ohio's service territory.



The Ohio Historical Markers program has placed 1,800 markers throughout the state, identifying unique stories about people, places, and events in Ohio history. The 10 counties that Mid-Ohio Energy serves are home to 127 markers, and six of those fall within Mid-Ohio’s territory: Scioto Marsh, Fort McArthur Cemetery, Old Sandusky Trail and Shawnee Ford, Wheeler Tavern, the Sandusky Plains, and Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area. Scioto Marsh was formed by retreating glaciers over 10,000 years ago. What was once thought by early settlers to be a source of malaria is now a rich agricultural area. Wheeler Tavern is considered by local historians to be the first brick residence in Hardin County and was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Attractions near Mid-Ohio Energy’s territory in the city of Marion draw visitors from around the state and nation. The Marion Popcorn Festival, the largest popcorn festival in the world, attracts more than 250,000 people each year. Marion County is one of the top popcorn growers in all of the U.S. — and Wyandot Snacks, also located in Marion, is a top exporter worldwide of popcorn.

Community first

The co-op’s Kenton headquarters features a community room for community-focused and/or not-for-profit groups. Last winter, the Blue Star Mothers of Hardin County used the space to sort and pack 400 boxes of comfort and care items for troops deployed overseas. Mid-Ohio Energy members participated by dropping donation items at the co-op’s office.

Each year, Mid-Ohio Energy’s Community Fund provides about $40,000 in grants to help organizations and individuals in the community. The Community Fund has presented grants to first responders, food pantries, and other service projects like AMVET Riders Chapter 1994 to build wheelchair ramps for veterans in need.