80 years and counting

80 years and counting

OEC anniversary logo

Ohio Cooperative Living readers know that Ohio’s 24 electric cooperatives are served by a Columbus-based organization known as Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives. OEC is composed of Buckeye Power, the wholesale power supplier for the state’s distribution cooperatives (including your local co-op), and Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives (OREC), the statewide trade and service association that works on behalf of the local co-op. While Buckeye Power was formed in 1959, this year marks OREC’s 80th anniversary. 

Power generation, which Buckeye Power has been doing for 62 years, and trade and service work, like that performed by OREC, together require us to apply both art and science to our work. Lineworker and safety training, marketing campaign assistance, education courses, legislative advocacy, and communications support (including the production of Ohio Cooperative Living) are just a few of the tasks on OREC’s “to do” list. The first item on that list is, and always will be, service to your local cooperative. The bottom line is that both Buckeye Power and OREC exist to help your co-op better serve you, your family, and your business.

Who makes up Ohio’s electric cooperative network?

Comprehensively, Buckeye Power and OREC serve about 1 million Ohioans in 77 of the state’s 88 counties. That’s a momentous responsibility, a tremendous opportunity, and an immense privilege. We look forward to the next 80 years.