2020 vision

2020 vision

2020 on road

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Ohio’s electric cooperatives are looking forward to another year of progress in 2020 toward our goal of providing you with safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electric service. We are thankful to have had another successful year in 2019. Following are some of the initiatives we have planned for 2020:

  • Continue to grow and expand our workforce development efforts to be sure we have well-trained employees to safely and efficiently provide the services you require.
  • Improve the efficiency and reliability of our power plant operations, focusing our efforts on reducing costs and improving the performance of our Cardinal, Mone, and Greenville power generation plants.
  • Work with other utilities across Ohio to improve the reliability and security of the high-voltage grid that delivers power to your cooperative.
  • Work with state and federal representatives to develop plans and funding sources to improve broadband services across rural Ohio.
  • For the third time, cooperatives around the state will be sending a team of lineworkers to Guatemala to bring electricity to two villages that up to now have never experienced the safety, comfort, and convenience that electric service provides to everyday life. Our previous two efforts have been emotional and extremely gratifying to everyone involved. Those involved have been changed by their experiences, and we look forward to another successful mission.

Finally, 2020 will again be an important election year, which will have real consequences here in Ohio and across the country. We hope and pray that the leaders we elect will represent our interests and the interests of the country ahead of their personal ambitions. We encourage members of electric cooperatives to educate themselves on where candidates stand on issues and, most importantly, get out to the polls and make a well-considered vote — both in the March primary and in the general election in November.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2020!